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Archived Video Podcasts

Hour 2: Sam Eaton - Suicide - Millennials alienated from church - Mentors vs fathers -

February 20, 2017

GUEST: Sam Eaton (RecklesslyAlive.com) on suicide: He was 11 when his father left, didn't talk to mother. 59% of millennials 22-35 dropping out of church. Preachers should engage the congregation...

Hour 3: Failed parents of Trayvon Martin DID NOT LOVE their son -

February 08, 2017

TOPIC: Liberals celebrate Trayvon Martin's birthday. Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin making money off dead thug son whom they failed. Dirty Women's March speech. Hell is the lack of love. Trevor...

Hour 3: Andrew Seidel against tax exempt churches talking politics - Ex-Muslim warning -

February 07, 2017

GUEST: Andrew Seidel (FFRF.org & AndrewLSeidel.com) atheist attorney on Trump and dirty/nasty Women's March. Should Trump repeal the Johnson Amendment, banning political speech for tax-exempt...

Hour 3: Theodore Shoebat with warning about the Alt-Right -

February 06, 2017

GUEST: Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat.com & RescueChristians.org) on Trump presidency & the Alt-Right: Says it's not good to be Alt-Right. Patriotism vs. Nationalism, putting race above the...

Hour 1: Anti-Milo riot at UC Berkeley - David Pakman disputes leftist protest facts -

February 02, 2017

TOPIC: Milo speech cancelled amidst hateful, violent UC Berkeley rioters. GUEST: David Pakman (davidpakman.com) disputes Women's March protestors were paid by Soros, thinks partner groups are good...

Hour 2: Rev Dr Frank Thomas - morality - racism - Jeremiah Wright -

January 30, 2017

GUEST: Rev. Dr. Frank A Thomas (drfrankathomas.com) can't prove racism exists, conflicted on same-sex marriage and abortion, ordained by Jeremiah Wright, Jr., defends "God damn America" because of...

Hour 3: Dr Singh returns - Background - Nutrition - Avoiding sickness -

January 24, 2017

GUEST: Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch (healingenergy.org), 213-259-4418, frontdesk@healingenergy.org, shares his background, explains simple nutrition,...

Hour 2: Joey Svendsen - Trump - Anger - FundaMENTAList - Pastor -

January 23, 2017

GUEST: Pastor Joey Svendsen (fundamentalistpastor.com) author & BadChristian podcast host: Trump "not a real man," but vulgar. Jesus "was angry"; anger is "not sin." He has depression &...

Hour 2: On Meryl Streep - Danielle Muscato - Transgender atheist tells story -

January 10, 2017

Hollywood Updates: Meryl Streep goes anti-Trump, emotional and political at Golden Globes. Brad Pitt gets warm reception. GUEST: Danielle Muscato DanielleMuscato.com (formerly Dave), civil rights...

Hour 3: Giacomo Knox - Sex at 8 - Death of father - Fear of mother -

January 04, 2017

MANHOOD GUEST: Giacomo Knox returns, creator of reality TV project "A Week With My Father," Marine Corps veteran, became a Messianic Jew. He had sex at age 8, wanting to be adult, seeing...

Hour 1: Vox Day - High IQ - Alt-Right - America -

January 03, 2017

GUEST: Vox Day (voxday.blogspot.com) science fiction writer, Christian Alt-Right thinker, game designer on high IQ and the direction of America. We are headed toward war(s) due to invasion/...