Beyonce Disgraced Herself, NFL at Super Bowl; Whites Should've Walked Out!

Beyoncé’s video for her new single "Formation" and her performance of the song during Super Bowl 50 halftime show was racially divisive and evil. If the NFL is trying to offend and alienate white fans who buy tickets and attend games, they succeeded. Here's what Beyoncé & her dancers did:

-First, Beyoncé released a vulgar propaganda song, “Formation,” on time to perform at Super Bowl 50. The raunchy video for “Formation” shows Beyoncé lying atop a sinking New Orleans police cruiser, a graffiti’d wall that reads, “Stop shooting us,” and a black boy in a hoodie dancing in front of police officers in riot gear.

-She performed the song at the Super Bowl halftime show scantily clad in black and surrounded by black female dancers with Afros & Black Panther-style attire. Beyonce and her dancers also formed an X on the field paying homage to Malcolm X and Black History Month, further alienating whites and other races.

-Beyoncé dancers in Black Panther-style berets and black leather were photographed after the half-time performance posing with raised fists giving the black power salute.

-The dancers also held a picture with the slogan “Justice 4 Mario Woods.” Woods was an alleged gang member armed with a knife who slashed a stranger and was shot dead by San Francisco Police when he refused to drop the weapon.

-Jay Z’s (Beyoncé's husband) music streaming company Tidal will donate $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter, the Trayvon Martin Foundation and other organizations for phony “social justice."