Cenk Uygur on Masculinity, Me Too, “Racism,” & The Great White Hope (Trump) The Young Turks/Newsmax

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, founder & CEO of http://tytnetwork.com reacts to Jesse's story of getting kicked out of Equinox gym, whether he supports The Great White Hope (President Donald Trump), whether he believes in God (he's agnostic / atheist), and the question: What is a man? He doesn’t agree that there's an attack on men — especially straight, white conservative Christian men of power (see the Me Too movement and dirty Women's March). Jesse says that “racism does not exist” when Cenk talks about blacks getting killed by cops. (Jesse always says Black Lives Matter a far-left, radical, evil organization made of of black lesbians, homosexuals, and social justice warriors, worse than the KKK.) Cenk denies that illegal aliens hurt and hate blacks — we don't think he supports the big, beautiful wall, or deporting all "undocumented immigrants." (Originally aired Monday, Apr 23, on Newsmax TV.) FULL SHOW: https://youtu.be/lt250m1Qa38