"GET THIS IDIOT OFF MY SHOW!" - Don't ever have him back on again! David Pakman kicked off

David Pakman (DavidPakman.com) — he rattles off things President Trump (The Great White Hope) has not (yet) done, shrugs off what Jesse points out (illegal immigration & unemployment both down, etc.) as "talking points." Jesse points out the Democrats have only gotten worse. David is "progressive" and not Democrat. Is it "progress" to pay for transgender sex reassignment surgery in prisons? David brings up transgenders in the military and thinks it's expensive (and so not fiscally conservative) to kick them out of the military. Jesse ends it because David won't communicate. THEN: James comes on and tries to explain why he brought him back on, after he was so non-communicative last time. Jesse says he's evil. He's on the level of evil of Barack Obama, and shouldn't come back on.