Jesse to High Schoolers Jesse spoke at the Southern California Junior State of America - Winter Congress on Saturday, Feb 25, on Barack Obama, Donald Trump, race relations and the state of the culture. He explained that Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK, and that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were THUGS. He also said there's no such thing as "LGBT rights." The millennials freaked out. Many of them liked it though. But the adults, who were liberals, shut down Jesse's talk and didn't let the students talk with him. The program director Yvonne England, a feminist Obama supporter, ASSAULTED Jesse TWICE, trying to pull him off the stage! Then liberal Derek Dettorre yelled accusations at me, followed and harassed me, forcing me to leave even though kids wanted to talk with me (both those who agreed and those who did not). Then-student JSA Governor Justin Wittekind who at one point called himself a fan of mine, promised me beforehand that I'd receive their video recording of the event, but they are refusing to give us the footage, and he will not respond to repeated requests (as of November 2017 we still have not received it). Read WND article "Angry liberals can’t handle truth, shut down my speech":