“Out-of-Wedlock Births = Retarded!” Jesse vs Ty Barnett

Wednesday, Dec 6th, black comedian, actor, and writer Ty Barnett joins Jesse once again for interview/debate about black issues in America. See Ty's last appearance (alongside comedian Shang) on Jesse's other show The Fallen State https://youtu.be/6eNKd_2rU0k Ty doesn't realize that black out-of-wedlock births have reached over 70 percent. Jesse asks how Ty as an Army veteran feels about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL thugs kneeling for the National Anthem. Ty brings up veteran Nate Boyer who made him kneel. Jesse mentions Phil Robertson picked cotton with him. Jesse says "racism" and "police brutality" do not exist.

Jesse and Ty go back and forth on blacks being "mentally ill and retarded" for many reasons — one being the out-of-control statistiscs of out-of-wedlock birth in the black community. They also debate christianity, Buddha, and slavery.