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Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson applauds people who 'founded this country and made it great'

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson


For the last 60 years or more, white people have been under attack, falsely called “racist,” and blamed for the failure and problems of black Americans and other so-called “people of color.”

Illegal aliens, refugees and immigrants from “s—hole countries” have been allowed to come here, and instead of showing appreciation for the freedom and beauty for their new home, they bring their godless cultures. They vote for socialism and are emboldened in hate, blame and victimhood by our corrupt leftist government, school system and media.

Each year reveals new levels of insanity celebrating radical Black History Month, transgender and homosexual history, feminist women – celebration of everyone except for straight, white, conservative Christian men of power.

White people have been under attack, unappreciated and under a spell of fear for so long that most of the country can’t even remember that it was whites who made this country the destination that it is!

The simple fact remains: Without white people, there would be no America. White men founded this country and made it great. White men like President Trump are the last ones holding America together – and it is hanging by a thread.

So out of appreciation, I deemed July as White History Month

For some reason, whites allowed others to come in to this country who would turn around and betray them! Reportedly, whites will soon be a minority in their own country!

If we allow the vilification and replacement of whites to continue, then our country will become a ghetto. We will see more black-on-white crime, more laws against Christians and men, a total loss of freedom, and destruction of communities.

Mark my words, if we don’t stop this attack upon white people, we will become like South Africa where black communists seek to take white farmers’ private land without compensation. Blacks hunt down, torture and kill white farmers, including women and children – and murder one another in the townships. Riots and destruction of property are the norm. Families are destroyed, the economy is hurting, disease is rampant, and there’s a lack of morality or responsibility among the people.

We caught a glimpse of this in America under President Obama, the worst and most hated president the country ever experienced. He brought the radical hate group Black Lives Matter and other evil people to the White House regularly. He sowed division, hatred and suspicion toward whites, police, Christians, business owners and men. Race riots, targeted cop killings, and black-on-black murder all increased because he validated criminals and thugs while demonizing and marginalizing the good people.

Thankfully, white men and women, and a growing number of “people of color,” woke up and supported the Great White Hope, President Trump. He’s working overtime to Make America Great Again. He’s sending the illegals back, not falling for the media propaganda about the “children” whom criminal adults intentionally brought here. He’s building a big beautiful wall on the border. He gives no play to Black Lives Matter and antifa (Occupy Wall Street communists). Trump is a man of courage and action, with love for the country and no fear. He’s from the old school!

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Men of other races have been destroyed. Now evil seeks to destroy white men. Although most are still conservative, they’ve grown very weak, afraid to stand up for themselves and what’s right. Their parents let them down. They should watch and learn from the president.

On my daily call-in show on Newsmax TV and YouTube, I greet people, “Happy White History Month!”

I offer the same wishes while going about my day at the gym, the bank, post office and gas station – “Happy White History Month!” Some are grateful. Most react with laughter, confusion or anger. Many believed that “white history” was observed “every day,” but it’s not – whites are only cast negatively by the children of the lie.

Some friends and callers express concern for my safety, fearing a violent backlash against White History Month. We should be wary of violent leftists and white haters, given the incitement by anti-Trump agitators like Maxine Waters (the Wicked Witch of the West), corrupt government officials, media and Hollywood. There are places where it’s not safe to be an open Trump supporter. But the children of the lie proudly tout their beliefs with no sense of shame for being wrong – they’re in your face promoting evil!

If you are a child of God, you have no fear. Perfect love, the nature of God, drives out fear. But if you have fear, you are still of your father the devil. In counseling and talking with people, I notice most men and women have fear. Men are afraid to deal with their wives. Grown men and women are afraid to face their mothers and be honest with them!

Where does fear come from? Anger and unforgiveness. Unless you forgive, you will not be forgiven. And you will have all of the children of anger: fear, doubt, insecurity and suicidal thoughts. So forgive and be free!


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For the last 60 years or more, white people have been under attack, falsely called “racist,” and blamed for the failure and problems of black Americans and other so-called “people of color.”