Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson applauds African-Americans getting off Dem plantation

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson


Just a week before the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump held a historic meeting with hundreds of young black Americans in Washington, D.C. for the Young Black Leadership Summit organized by Turning Point USA.

Young blacks clad in red “Make American Great Again” hats enthusiastically greeted the president as he walked into the White House East Room. They broke into applause and shouts of “USA!” “USA!” “USA!” throughout his address.

The president was relaxed and funny as he encouraged the young blacks to not be deterred by name calling and to openly embrace their conservative values and to never let the Democrats bring them down.

“The Democrats are very nervous. They do nothing for you, and that was supposed to be automatic,” Trump said, echoing his 2016 campaign message that black Americans have been ignored and mistreated by the Democratic Party for decades so they had “nothing to lose” by voting for him.

Trump mentioned his rising approval rating (almost 50 percent!) He mentioned that the U.S. economy is booming under his watch. He also thanked rapper Kanye West for his support and for publicly expressing support for his presidency despite the harsh criticism from the media and Democrats.

In April, Kanye tweeted a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat signed by the president leaving no doubt about his support for Trump, who tweeted in response, “Very cool!”

Kanye was attacked by liberals and embraced my #MAGA supporters. His refusal to go along with Democratic talking points and the MSM narrative captured the hearts and minds of many young people – including blacks – who were excited that a popular artist like Kanye was publicly challenging the establishment’s effort to tell them how to think and vote.

This was a defining moment which caused many black millennials and Gen X-ers to rethink long-held assumptions about the Democratic Party and how they viewed Trump.

Liberals turned on Kanye by calling him names and tried to bully him into silence. Don Lemon of CNN referred to him as “the token negro of the Trump administration.” Low-IQ Maxine Waters told a Politico writer that “West talks out of turn and perhaps he needs some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts.” She sounds more like the propaganda officer for the Communist Party than a U.S. member of Congress.

But Kanye stood his ground. He and football legend Jim Brown recently met with the president at the White House.

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Because of Trump, Kanye, Brown and other truth-tellers, there is a burgeoning movement of young blacks who are rethinking their allegiance to the Democratic Party and questioning their misguided anger toward white Americans. I hear from them all the time on my national radio show.

Kanye reportedly worked with Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens to create a new logo to represent black America’s exit or “Blexit” from the Democratic plantation!

Another gathering which didn’t get much coverage by the leftist MSM was the #WalkAway from Democrats rally held at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. This event had a sea of red, white and blue-clad patriotic Americans who left the Democratic Party after the election of Donald Trump.

As reported by Breitbart, the success of a weekend of events to support Trump and Republicans ahead of the midterm elections on Nov. 6 even impressed Brandon Straka, the former Democrat who launched the #WalkAway movement five months ago when he posted a video on his Facebook page urging others who are fed up with the failed policies and mob rule mentality of today’s Democrat Party to leave it.

Thanks to Trump, Republicans have all the energy and momentum on their side heading into the midterms.

The black unemployment rate is the lowest in U.S. history at 6 percent. According to a Rasmussen poll, Trump’s approval rating among black voters is 36 percent!

Tax cuts and jobs are spurring black America’s growing support for Trump. He won blue-collar voters in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan; now the Democrats are terrified he’ll get the black vote.

For the past 60 years Democrats have government handouts in exchange for black votes. Meanwhile, they’ve accelerated the destruction of black families by encouraging blacks’ dependence on government programs and by encouraging them to blame whites. They are deceivers who trade in fear and empty promises.

Now, they’re desperately trying to paint President Trump and his supporters as extremists by blaming them for the string of suspicious pipe bombs and packages delivered to Democrats.

They even have Barack Obama (aka The Fallen Messiah) campaigning for them and trying to take credit for the great economy. Obama kept blacks broke and angry the entire eight years he was in office.

If Republicans follow Trump’s playbook, they can’t lose. They don’t need to cater to blacks with handouts and programs like Democrats have for the past 60 years. Republicans have to tell the truth about the issues impacting the black community. The must focus on restoring the black family, jobs, safe communities, and better schools. They have to make sure not to pander to blacks by treating them like victims or as “special minority” group. Free markets, hard work, and morality will benefit blacks and all Americans.


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Just a week before the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump held a historic meeting with hundreds of young black Americans in Washington, D.C. for the Young Black Leadership Summit organized by Turning Point USA.