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January 21, 2019
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 1: Why Celebrate MLK? MAGA vs. Indians; Conservative College Guest
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 2: Jesse Handles Beta Male Caller; Christian is Too Lazy to Move Out
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 3: Jesse is Right About Women; More Relationship Advice; March for Life
January 18, 2019
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 1: (Late Start) Black and Slow Again! Trump vs Pelosi Flight
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 2: The Wicked Witch of the West; Veteran Afraid of His Mother
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 3: Callers Get It Off Their Chest; More on Maxine and Farrakhan
January 17, 2019
Thu, Jan 17 Hour 2 (No Hour 1): Gillette's Randall Smith Hides Behind His Desk; Sex out of Wedlock
Thu, Jan 17 Hour 3: Black TV Anchor Fired Over Hair; Maxine Waters
January 16, 2019
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 1: RINOs and Black Liberals Attack Steve King; Power of Sex!
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 2: Gillette Attacks Masculinity; Callers on Attack on Men and Whites
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 3: Destiny In-studio on Men, Beta Males, Attack on Whites, & Adult Gamers
January 15, 2019
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 1: Jason Ottley speaks on health; Young black caller says Jesse is right
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 2: Muslim caller turns Christian? Steve King punished by cowards; Forgiveness
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 3: What should illegal Christians do? Can whites feel good about themselves?
January 14, 2019
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 1: Stand up against immorality! Caller calls Jesse a coon.
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 2: Most blacks hate whites; Former Obama Border Chief for wall.
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 3: Christopher Hahn is against the wall; Callers.
January 11, 2019
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 1: Men are angry and weak today. Jesse talks to Thugor about thugs
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 2: Matheos on church and moving out; Trump on the border
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 3: Knowledge without inner transformation: illusion; Deport Ana Navarro!
January 10, 2019
Thu, Jan 10 Hour 1: Enrique Morones, Border Angels, Chicken Song! Dump GF with child of rape
Thu, Jan 10 Hour 2: Hispanic man says Hispanics don't assimilate! Trump defends the wall
Thu, Jan 10 Hour 3: Yaron Brook hates the wall, whites & blacks! Ex-Muslim caller for America
January 09, 2019
Wed, Jan 9 Hour 1: Trump Addresses the Border Crisis; Callers
Wed, Jan 9 Hour 2: William on God, sin, and parents; More callers
Wed, Jan 9 Hour 3: Gavin Newsom's beta baby! Yet more callers
January 08, 2019
Tue, Jan 8 Hour 1: Ken Altshuler, liberal BETA MALE! Jesus did not have anger.
Tue, Jan 8 Hour 2: Treat men & women the same! Trump doing good job, don't listen to blacks
Tue, Jan 8 Hour 3: Sheila Jackson Lee defends false cry of 'hate crime'; Callers!
January 07, 2019
Mon, Jan 7 Hour 1: 7-y-o girl killed by black man? Egg on the face of race hustlers.
Mon, Jan 7 Hour 2: Callers talk to Jesse. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump 'racist'
Mon, Jan 7 Hour 3: Young man overcomes mother. Jory Micah on women, LGBT & Christianity
January 04, 2019
Fri, Jan 4 Hour 1: Liberal Women taking over? Pelosi no match for Trump.
Fri, Jan 4 Hour 2: Return to father. Diversity in Congress; Muslim Woman: Impeach the MF'er!
Fri, Jan 4 Hour 3: Pining for ex; Transgender vs GameStop; Wife misses husband's affection
January 03, 2019
Thu, Jan 3 Hour 1: Trump on Shutdown, Wall, & Romney. Beta male is on third marriage!
Thu, Jan 3 Hour 2: Woman forgave parents; Mitt's untrustworthy; 18-y-o wrestler calls in
Thu, Jan 3 Hour 3: Anti-Trump Hank Johnson & NAACP; Women's March cancelled too white
January 02, 2019
Wed, Jan 2 Hour 1: Do you love white people? Vape Employee vs Trump Supporter!
Wed, Jan 2 Hour 2: Mitt Romney the turncoat; Most blacks hate whites, acting 'white'
Wed, Jan 2 Hour 3: Forgive parents; Illegals breach border, get tear gassed AGAIN.
December 28, 2018
Fri, Dec 28 Hour 1: Illegal alien cop killer; Dems will fade; What is sin? Troops MAGA hats
Fri, Dec 28 Hour 2: Muslim-sounding caller on God's anger; Media attack troops for MAGA hats
Fri, Dec 28 Hour 3: Emergency meeting over ref making wrestler cut hair; Mall brawls in CT!
December 27, 2018
Thu, Dec 27 Hour 1: Chad Prather on America; Man forgave parents, but lives with girlfriend
Thu, Dec 27 Hour 2: Move out from older girlfriend! In-law drama; MAGA in Iraq & Germany
Thu, Dec 27 Hour 3: Sharpton thug for Kaepernick; White ref still under attack over haircut
December 26, 2018
Wed, Dec 26 Hour 1: Mr Trump, Build the Wall! Another illegal alien child dies. N-word!
Wed, Dec 26 Hour 2: Don't listen to experts! Trump OK with shutdown until we build the wall!
Wed, Dec 26 Hour 3: White ref banned after black wrestler cuts dreadlocks. Liberals cry racism
December 21, 2018
Fri, Dec 21 Hour 1: House funds the wall. Will Senate? Deport Luis Gutierrez, fake Christian!
Fri, Dec 21 Hour 2: Questions on forgiveness; Build the wall! Disabled man's comfort zone
Fri, Dec 21 Hour 3: Stephen Miller vs. Wolf Blitzer; How to Stop Being Beta; Anger at Democrats
December 20, 2018
Thu, Dec 20 Hour 1: Patrick Rooney: Attack on Tucker; Lynching now a hate crime!
Thu, Dec 20 Hour 2: Don't be mad! #GoFundTheWall! Why Suicide's Rising; Super Chats
Thu, Dec 20 Hour 3: Doug Pagitt, anti-Trump pastor! Homosexuality from God? Illegals trash?
December 19, 2018
Wed, Dec 19 Hour 1: Stacey Harvey, criminologist on radicalism; Michael Flynn judge has TDS?
Wed, Dec 19 Hour 2: Woman dating after 'gay' ex-husband; Jason Ottley on diet & weight-loss
Wed, Dec 19 Hour 3: Callers talk relationships & parents; Transgender indoctrination in UK
December 18, 2018
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Attack on Whites & Christmas; Joy Reid Hates White Men
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 2: Don't Hate the Haters! Gillibrand & CNN against White Men
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 3: Stay out of school! Liberalism debunked; Critique of The Great White Hope
December 17, 2018
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 1: Opportunity Zones won't work! BET founder praises Trump. Forgive parents!
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 2: Trouble with female boss; Too smart for the Bible; Whites in charge?
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 3: Parents mad at priest preaching against son's suicide. Stephen Miller!
December 14, 2018
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 1: Trump vs Mueller-Cohen; BLF of South Africa for killing whites
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 2: Online wife fakes domestic violence; Callers for racism, abortion, etc.
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 3: Weather lady commits suicide; Forgive to overcome abuse and homosexuality
December 13, 2018
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 1: Ted Lieu against free speech; Israel's wall for illegals; Wiggins on words
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 2: Dems for open borders! Why White History; Q: Man with anger?
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 3: Pelosi against Christmas. Liberal women normal? Evil in South Africa
December 12, 2018
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 1: Trump vs Pelosi-Schumer on the WALL; Man's nephew has lesbian mother
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 2: Alex Jones: Google Is Evil! Man married woman with a child, forgave mother
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 3: 9yo black girl suicide after bullying; White Columbia student defends self
December 11, 2018
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 1: Kavanaugh Caves! Callers Attack Jesse Over Illegals & Trump
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 2: White Columbia student loves white people! Students hate Clarence Thomas
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 3: Callers; Build the Wall; Woman living with children's father
December 10, 2018
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 1: Jail for Trump? Illegal 'Child' a Killer? Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 2: Can You Wake Up Angry Blacks? South Africa worker burned to death
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 3: Ocasio-Cortez vs Don Jr. on Socialism. Callers vs. Jesse on Jesus and God
December 07, 2018
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 1: Kevin Hart Apologizes to Gays. Tucker Carlson: Trump is Incapable!
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 2: Kevin Hart is one of them; Tucker vs. Trump; 100-y-o working billionaire
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 3: Customer assaults deli worker; Drag queen boy, beta father; Millennials
December 06, 2018
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 1: Whites fear blacks; Bush funeral: Fake Christians vs Trump; Crazy Mazie
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 2: Does Apostles' Creed help? Baby Jesus in a cage! Callers: Jesus is God
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 3: Trump right, Macron wrong; Beta Males had sex before marriage!
December 05, 2018
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on fitness; Bush Day of Mourning; Immigrants on welfare
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 2: Illegal driver licenses; Trans boy killed parents; Black Panthers killed cops
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 3: Debate: Holy Spirit vs Bible scholarship; Jesus God? Born of God & sinning?
December 04, 2018
Tue, Dec 4 Hour 1: David Perry on liberalism & grief; Callers; Illegal mob trying to cross!