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February 21, 2019
Thu, Feb 21 Hour 1: Jesse was Right about Jussie!
Thu, Feb 21 Hour 2: Conservative Sevag Demirjian vs. Maxine Waters
Thu, Feb 21 Hour 3: Jesse takes Calls
February 20, 2019
Wed, Feb 20 Hour 1: Bernie Sanders Is Running for Office
Wed, Feb 20 Hour 2: Jesse takes Calls
Wed, Feb 20 Hour 3: More calls!
February 19, 2019
Tue, Feb 19 Hour 1: Aurora Massacre and Calls
Tue, Feb 19 Hour 2: George Weisgerber Joins the Show Today
Tue, Feb 19 Hour 3: Roosh is Today's Second Guest
February 18, 2019
Mon, Feb 18 Hour 1: It's President's Day! Trump Declares a National Emergency
Mon, Feb 18 Hour 2: Jussie Hired Nigerians?!
Mon, Feb 18 Hour 3: Jesse Takes Calls!
February 15, 2019
Fri, Feb 15 Hour 1: The Wall's Goin' Up! Trump Signed the Border-Funding Bill
Fri, Feb 15 Hour 2: AOC vs. Amazon in NYC
Fri, Feb 15 Hour 3: Colin Kaepernick Is Not a Notable Black American
February 14, 2019
Thu, Feb 14 Hour 1: Happy Valentine's Day! Cory Booker Wants Female Running Mate
Thu, Feb 14 Hour 2: President Trump's Executive Action
Thu, Feb 14 Hour 3: Jussie Smollett is Still Lying! Jesse Argues w/ a Bible Thumping Caller
February 13, 2019
Wed, Feb 13 Hour 1: House Delegate Compares LGBTQ to KKK
Wed, Feb 13 Hour 2: Jesse Takes Calls!
Wed, Feb 13 Hour 3: Woman Encourages Boyfriend To Kill Himself!
February 12, 2019
Tue, Feb 12 Hour 1: President Trump Rallies in El Paso; Kamala Harris Is Pro-Marijuana
Tue, Feb 12 Hour 2: Jesse Takes Calls!
Tue, Feb 12 Hour 3: Recreational Oxygen and More Calls!
February 11, 2019
Mon, Feb 11 Hour 1: Right Wing Watch Attacks Jesse!
Mon, Feb 11 Hour 2: Jesse Warns Against Trusting Experts
Mon, Feb 11 Hour 3: Evil Nasty Sheila Jackson-Lee
February 08, 2019
Fri, Feb 8 Hour 1: Callers Get It Off Their Chest!
Fri, Feb 8 Hour 2: Jay-Z Defends Illegal Alien 21 Savage; Black Teacher Raps!
Fri, Feb 8 Hour 3: Daughter of Serial Killer Forgives her Dad To Let Go of Anger
February 07, 2019
Thu, Feb 7 Hour 1: Stacey Abrams and Her Nappy Hair!
Thu, Feb 7 Hour 2: AOC Doesn't See Trump's Presidency As A Democracy
Thu, Feb 7 Hour 3: Michael Gallagher-Ashurst Is A BETA MALE!
February 06, 2019
Wed, Feb 6 Hour 1: Jesse Says The SOTU Was AMAZING!
Wed, Feb 6 Hour 2: Congresswomen Dress is White KKK Outfits at the SOTU
Wed, Feb 6 Hour 3: Nappy-headed Stacey Abrams Delivers Democratic Response
February 05, 2019
Tue, Feb 5 Hour 1: Trump's State of the Union Address is Tonight
Tue, Feb 5 Hour 2: Northam's Wife Makes Him Look Like a BETA; 21 Savage Arrested by ICE
Tue, Feb 5 hour 3: Birth Tourism Agencies Profiting Off Anchor Babies
February 04, 2019
Mon, Feb 4 Hour 1: Super Bowl Sunday & Northam's Blackface Controversy
Mon, Feb 4 Hour 2: Jesse's Biblical Question; New Migrant Caravan
Mon, Feb 4 Hour 3: Brandan Robertson on Gay Conversion Therapy, Sex Ethics, Christianity
February 01, 2019
Fri, Feb 1 Hour 1: Callers Get it off Their Chest!
Fri, Feb 1 Hour 2: Virginia Democrats Propose New Abortion Bill
Fri, Feb 1 Hour 3: More Callers Get if off Their Chest!
January 31, 2019
Thu, Jan 31 Hour 1: South Dakota Passes Concealed Handgun Law; Anger vs. Aggression
Thu, Jan 31 Hour 2: Jesse Does Not Believe Jussie At All! Trump Scolds Intel Officials
Thu, Jan 31 Hour 3: Christian is Dating an Atheist; Callers Need Advice on Overcoming
January 30, 2019
Wed, Jan 30 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on the Five Things that Matter the Most
Wed, Jan 30 Hour 2: Former State Representative is a Snowflake; Pledge of Allegiance Banned in California College
Wed, Jan 30 Hour 3: Colin Kaepernick is Dating his Momma!
January 29, 2019
Tue, Jan 29 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood Concerned Over American Socialists; Caller says U.S. Should Invade Mexico
Tue, Jan 29 Hour 2: Democratic Rep. Claims He's the Wrong Color
Tue, Jan 29 Hour 3: Slender Man Hoax; Adopted Black Teens Can't Identity with White Family
January 28, 2019
Mon, Jan 28 Hour 1: Toby Morrell from Bad Christian Joins the Show
Mon, Jan 28 Hour 2: President Trump Temporarily Reopens Government
Mon, Jan 28 Hour 3: Trump's Willing to Declare Border Crisis a National Emergency
January 25, 2019
Fri, Jan 25 Hour 1: AOC Says Having Billionaires is Immoral; Roger Stone Indicted
Fri, Jan 25 Hour 2: White Glamour Model and Beta Husband Turn Themselves "Black"
Fri, Jan 25 Hour 3: Callers Tackle Jesse's Biblical Question
January 24, 2019
Thu, Jan 24 Hour 1: New York Aborts Up to Date of Birth; 19-year-old Woman Should Move Out
Thu, Jan 24 Hour 2: Black Abortion Rates; Black on the Outside, White on the Inside
Thu, Jan 24 Hour 3: Biden Denounces Racism; Dealing with Emotional Coworkers
January 23, 2019
Wed, Jan 23 Hour 1: Black Hebrew Israelites Attack White MAGA Teens & Indians
Wed, Jan 23 Hour 2: More Black Israelite Insults; 50-something Single Father Wants to Date
Wed, Jan 23 Hour 3: #HuntRepublicans; Overcoming Homosexuality; False Rape Charge
January 22, 2019
Tue, Jan 22 Hour 1: Sally Kohn on MAGA Kids; President Trump Praises Nick Sandmann
Tue, Jan 22 Hour 2: George 'Tailor Made' Weisgerber Talks MAGA; Marriage or Partnership?
Tue, Jan 22 Hour 3: White Caller Speaks on Hebrew Israelites; Democrat Rep. Says Wall is Sinful
January 21, 2019
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 1: Why Celebrate MLK? MAGA vs. Indians; Conservative College Guest
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 2: Jesse Handles Beta Male Caller; Christian is Too Lazy to Move Out
Mon, Jan 21 Hour 3: Jesse is Right About Women; More Relationship Advice; March for Life
January 18, 2019
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 1: (Late Start) Black and Slow Again! Trump vs Pelosi Flight
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 2: The Wicked Witch of the West; Veteran Afraid of His Mother
Fri. Jan 18 Hour 3: Callers Get It Off Their Chest; More on Maxine and Farrakhan
January 17, 2019
Thu, Jan 17 Hour 2 (No Hour 1): Gillette's Randall Smith Hides Behind His Desk; Sex out of Wedlock
Thu, Jan 17 Hour 3: Black TV Anchor Fired Over Hair; Maxine Waters
January 16, 2019
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 1: RINOs and Black Liberals Attack Steve King; Power of Sex!
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 2: Gillette Attacks Masculinity; Callers on Attack on Men and Whites
Wed, Jan 16 Hour 3: Destiny In-studio on Men, Beta Males, Attack on Whites, & Adult Gamers
January 15, 2019
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 1: Jason Ottley speaks on health; Young black caller says Jesse is right
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 2: Muslim caller turns Christian? Steve King punished by cowards; Forgiveness
Tue, Jan 15 Hour 3: What should illegal Christians do? Can whites feel good about themselves?
January 14, 2019
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 1: Stand up against immorality! Caller calls Jesse a coon.
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 2: Most blacks hate whites; Former Obama Border Chief for wall.
Mon, Jan 14 Hour 3: Christopher Hahn is against the wall; Callers.
January 11, 2019
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 1: Men are angry and weak today. Jesse talks to Thugor about thugs
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 2: Matheos on church and moving out; Trump on the border
Fri, Jan 11 Hour 3: Knowledge without inner transformation: illusion; Deport Ana Navarro!
January 10, 2019
Thu, Jan 10 Hour 1: Enrique Morones, Border Angels, Chicken Song! Dump GF with child of rape