Jesse Lee Peterson

Talk Show Host, Pastor, Counselor, Speaker, Activist

BOND's 11th Annual Men's Conference

Join Us for BOND’s 11th Annual Men’s Conference!

Saturday, August 14, 2021 in Orlando, Florida



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Fathers Day

Father’s Day: Jesse Lee Peterson

Today’s chat is with Jesse Lee Peterson. You may...

Combating the Cuture war

OAN guest says people should celebrate “white history month” instead of “perverted” LGBTQ Pride

Jesse Lee Peterson: What's happy about being perverted? There's nothing good about that, living in sin, right?

Viral YouTube Videos

A Hispanic Univision reporter asks a white man with blood streaming down his face 'if he's a racist?', and if he 'likes...

Note: this episode contains strong language. If you have children around, we recommend that you use headphones to watch it.

Caller Lenora from Boston, Massachusetts, is upset with Jesse, saying he downgrades black people, saying they don’t believe...



Jesse’s an engaging speaker, panelist, and moderator, bringing life to any discussion.



Jesse’s a piercing, insightful counselor, offering sound advice on the issues of life.

BOND’s 8th Annual Conference for Fatherhood Conference


Jesse holds men’s conferences, town halls, & rallies aimed at rebuilding men.