Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson nails increasingly vicious attacks on good men

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson


We are in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. Those on the side of evil oppose Trump’s efforts to make America good again.

Background: Democrats love abortion
Three years ago, the Center of Medical Progress revealed that Planned Parenthood sold baby body parts for profit under Obama’s administration. To this day, nothing has been done about it. President Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood, but Republicans are too weak and cowardly. Now Democrats fear that Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, may help end their mass killing of unborn children.

America’s largest abortion mill originally pushed “birth control” and sterilization for blacks and poor people – “human weeds,” as eugenicist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger called them. Later, Democrats pretended to want abortions to be “safe, legal and rare.” Yet they ushered in gruesome partial birth abortion – and Obama even voted for infanticide!

Shameless women spread the slogan, “Shout Your Abortion – Abortion is normal.” Filthy “comedian” Michelle Wolf (who trashed Press Secretary Sarah Sanders at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner) sang, “God bless abortions!” on her Netflix show. Pro-abortion activists don’t just support killing bodies (“black and brown bodies,” disproportionately) – they also kill souls.

Pro-abortionists vs. Trump
Candidate Trump faced backlash from liberals and weak “pro-life” conservatives for suggesting we punish women who commit the crime of abortion. I said then that not all women are victims. In fact, many women are evil – especially “educated” liberal women.

The day after Trump’s presidential inauguration, Planned Parenthood organized huge political rallies known as the Dirty Women’s March. Dirty women and weak beta males filled the streets around the country to promote abortion, and to protest a good man, President Trump.

Trump’s enemies pretend to care about his past with women, or about “children.” But really they hate good men, good women, unborn babies, and children – they actively target, brainwash, and corrupt innocent children, teaching them that wrong is right and right is wrong.

From the beginning, Trump told the truth, stood strong and overcame evil – despite endless attacks from major corporations, politicians and media. They can’t stop Trump, so they try to destroy those closest to him – his wife, children, cabinet and supporters. They bring up old, alleged affairs from the past, showing their lack of decency, trying to hurt the First Lady. They support violent attacks and harassment against Trump supporters. They censor powerful independent voices like Alex Jones, and falsely defame me. The Democratic Party is evil.

Attack on Trump’s nominee
Now they’re attacking the president’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The evil #MeToo movement unearthed a pro-abortion participant of the Dirty Women’s March – a liberal California psychology professor. This evil liar emerged from the gates of hell to accuse the judge of “attempted rape.” She chose the setting for her story about 36 years ago when both were minors, allegedly at a house party. (Judge Kavanaugh says he didn’t even attend the drunken party in question. Why did she?) Of course she provided zero evidence.

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In 1991, everybody knew that Anita Hill was lying against Justice Clarence Thomas. (Today, Anita Hill is a far-left, liberal, black feminist, “social justice” professor who teaches about Obama.) Similarly, no one believes this pro-abortion professional, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who’s accusing Judge Kavanaugh.

Even the old wicked Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who kept the accusation secret for months, admitted, “I can’t say everything’s truthful.” But the Democrats and children of the lie mindlessly chant, “I believe her.” The younger generations of leftists are worse than than the old! Evil grows when you don’t deal with it.

Kavanaugh’s accuser wants to help Democrats manipulate, politicize and poison the confirmation process. Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-CA, who met with the accuser in July, lied, saying, “She doesn’t have a political bone in her body.” The accuser’s Trump-hating #MeToo lawyer, Debra Katz, downplayed similar accusations against once-powerful liberals Bill Clinton and Al Franken. The Democrats, media and RINOs want to inflict as much damage as possible on all good men associated with Trump.

Attack on all men
There’s a radical feminist campaign to force everyone to “believe women” who make sexual assault allegations with no proof. Democratic Senators like Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Richard Blumenthal support it. RINO Republicans and Never Trumpers like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski fall in line. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said “to the men of this country: Just shut up and step up! Do the right thing, for a change!”

They don’t care about truth, what’s right, or whomever they may destroy – they’ll destroy other women and their own children. They want power back.

This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is an attack on all men. I warned after the lynching of Bill O’Reilly that feminists hate all men. Liberal males won’t escape, nor the sons of these angry, God-hating women. Wherever men are weak, there is no love – and destruction reigns. Thank God that President Trump continues to stand strong for good men.

Men, it’s okay to be a man! To all good men and women, it’s okay to say, “I don’t believe her!”


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We are in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. Those on the side of evil oppose Trump’s efforts to make America good again.