Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson slams leftists who loathe whites, conservatives

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson


White people are under attack in this country like never before. Whites are the only people who, as a whole, are creating and not destroying, who believe in our American freedoms and don’t vote them away. Whites are the ones standing in the way of socialism and the insanity of the left. Weak people have taken control of most of the government, media and “educational” institutions, to slander good and uplift evil. Fake media, Democrats, RINO Republicans and Never Trumpers pretend to care about so-called “people of color,” women and other false victim groups, while attacking decent whites.

The children of the lie hate God, men, Christians and whites. They want to kill the unborn child. They push false “love” and “tolerance” for homosexuals and transgenders, preventing them from overcoming their issues. They support illegal aliens destroying their souls and their children by abandoning their countries to invade ours. Democrats tempt and corrupt people by offering free stuff, robbing them of the ability to build their own character, independence and life. It’s all for “power” and wealth – to advance their egotistical ideology. They weaken and replace men, whites and Christians. Then they seduce and corrupt women and children.

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We saw the attack on gun rights, on President Trump and white people after the New Zealand mosque attacks. The murders were allegedly by an angry environmentalist one-time communist who hated immigrants for contributing to so-called “overpopulation.” One thing the alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant was right about: white people are not having babies. I have been calling on white people to have more white babies. If we lose white people, we lose America. But the people of color are brainwashed to hate and blame white people for everything wrong in “history” and in their own lives.

On the rare occasion that a white person attacks back in the wrong way, media and politicians fear-monger about imaginary white “racism.” They take away innocent people’s freedom of speech and ability to defend themselves. We saw it with Dylann Roof’s Charleston church shooting, with the fake news propaganda on the Charlottesville Antifa riot, and in New Zealand last week. Because of the attack on white men – and due to fear of speaking up – whites are becoming angry, just like the people of color. Resentful of the injustice against them, young white men are becoming what they hate.

You’re supposed to see injustice and speak out against it, but don’t hate injustice. For decades, whites decided to stay silent about out-of-control behavior, violence and hatred by black Americans and others – for fear of being called racist. Utterly shut off from truth and correction, and being spoiled and catered to, blacks have only gotten worse Their false leaders are a joke, their churches anything but Christian, their so-called “families” non-existent, and their communities devoid of real men. The light is gone, and they’re ripe for exploitation and brainwashing by evil.

As an example of a “Christian” in the black community, take Arkansas State Sen. Stephanie Flowers, a black Democrat. This woman is pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment and hates white men. Yet she invokes “Christ” in shameless hypocrisy. Black “Christians” vote people like her into power around the country. Just look at Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Frederica Wilson and too many others. As it was with Barack Obama, they’re not qualified – they’re just black (and they support evil).

Earlier this month Sen. Flowers made a horrible scene at a hearing on a “Stand Your Ground” bill. She screamed, cursed and carried on like she was demon-possessed. She portrayed blacks as victims of gun rights, not black-on-black violence. She didn’t tell the truth that blacks are robbing, attacking and killing whites and other blacks. She mocked and derided responsible gun owners for exercising their rights. When white Republican State Sen. Alan Clark spoke up softly to calm her down, she cursed at him and shouted, “Go to hell!”

Afterward she refused to apologize, claiming she has Jesus in her heart, that she’s “a follower of Christ Jesus,” that “God” is her judge, and hopes “He’s well pleased.” Satan is her daddy, and he is well pleased!

It’s angry black mothers like this who are traumatizing black boys and girls. These black women do not love their fathers, so they spread violence and mental illness in the black community – all in name of “Jesus”!

Unsurprisingly, far-left media outlet “Now This,” a propaganda organization founded by former heads of Huffington Post, promoted State Sen. Flowers’ behavior. In a flashy, heavily edited social media video they put dramatic music to her hissy fit. They gave cherry-picked information about whites going “free” after killing blacks. They leave out whether these were self-defense killings. They ignore that blacks kill more than twice as many whites as vice versa every year, per FBI stats.

Christians and whites are attacked and killed even in their own countries. But nothing is said. People of color are allowed to turn them into “s***hole countries.”

If we lose our freedom here in America, is there anywhere else to go?



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White people are under attack in this country like never before. Whites are the only people who, as a whole, are creating and not destroying, who believe in our American freedoms and don’t vote them away. Whites are the ones standing in the way of socialism and the insanity of the left.