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Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson warns, 'Accuser culture isn't about truth, justice, righting wrongs'

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson

It’s interesting watching leftists destroy one other after failing to take down President Trump.

But one trend I do not relish is the continued destruction of so-called “men in power” by the radical left and wicked media. Even without real proof, they’ve successfully brought down once-respected fixtures like Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey, both of whom tried to keep their personal issues and moral failings private. Bill Cosby in particular attempted to maintain a good public example – much needed in the black community.

Accusations of “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault” abound in our culture. In divorce court, custody battles, and a growing number of infamous supposed “rape” cases, women have become notorious for false accusations against men – all to “get back” at the man and even keep him from his children.

This week we saw an emotional actor and singer Tyrese Gibson publicly break down in a Facebook Live video, in which he claims his 10-year-old daughter was “coached” into leveling false accusations of “abuse” against him.

I have said that we get what we deserve in life. In one sense, these men being brought down opened themselves up to accusations (false or otherwise) in some way.

However, you can’t keep a good man down – and good men like Donald Trump, who was able to overcome his past, and Sean Hannity and others, have survived despite relentless attacks by wicked liars. I believe Bill O’Reilly too will make a major comeback despite his shocking departure from Fox News.

I want to caution my friends on the side of good – some of whom are gleeful at Harvey Weinstein and other liberal males being taken down. But they make a mistake in jumping on board with the leftist accusers. Men and women of decency should never align with children of the lie.

This “accuser culture” is not about truth, justice or righting any wrongs. If it were, we’d see women too being exposed and dealt with. Why is nobody pointing out how selfish many of these women are for seeking career and position rather than forsaking worldly gain to stand for what’s right? If you truly put morality above selfish ambition, no “powerful man” in Hollywood can intimidate or silence you. But these women (and “men”) were silent for years and decades.

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When God dealt with Adam and Eve after their fall, did he only address Adam? No, he dealt with both, and he did not accept excuses or casting of blame. And “I was afraid” was no reason to hide.

Furthermore, where are the female so-called “sexual predators” in Hollywood and media? Fox News, the Drudge Report and others have shown story after story of female teachers exploiting underage male students for sex. Do you really believe no women in Hollywood or media are guilty as well? It’s time to stop hiding this wickedness and hypocrisy. The left does not care about stopping evil. Leftists care about corrupting and maligning everything good about masculinity.

Rape, sexual exploitation, pedophilia and pederasty are not just a “male” or homosexual things: Women do these too – more frequently than you may think. And despite the supposed “locker-room” culture of bragging about sex, boys and men suffer at least as much humiliation and pain at the hands of women as vice versa.

In my decades of work as a personal and relationship counselor at my nonprofit, BOND, I have encountered a majority of young men who lost their virginity to older girls and women. For the most part, these guys did not initiate the sexual encounters.

What is the root of all of the trauma and sexual issues that we’re seeing? Leftist intellectuals would have you believe the same cruelty and degeneracy existed to the same extent even when families were together, but was just under wraps, because of “patriarchy” or some nonsense. To an extent, people have always dealt with personal issues, but had the decency to keep their shame private rather than flaunt it or publicly “out” others.

But the weakness of men has only increased with the acceptance of making babies out-of-wedlock, and the destruction of marriage and families. Weak men have exacerbated the anger of women who take it out on men and children.

Corrupt, sexualized men and women who misuse others do not have good relationships with their fathers, and they hate their mothers – whether they know it or not. Anger and emotions awaken the sexual nature, and addict you to whatever and whomever you hate.

I once felt I could not live without sex – and could not bear the loneliness of always “needing” a woman. Only after realizing I resented my mother for turning me away from my father, recognizing that I was wrong and apologizing to her for hating her, was I able to repent of this judgment that kept me in my hell.

To protect yourself in these evil times, I encourage you to pray, to “know thyself” and to forgive so that God can forgive you. Then you will be free. Then, like President Trump, you too will overcome the world, rather than be overcome by it.

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It’s interesting watching leftists destroy one other after failing to take down President Trump.